Who Qualifies for 340B

Next to “What is 340B?” the question I frequently receive is, “Who qualifies for 340B?”

Here is the quick answer for the more common options (a more detailed list can be found at the OPA website):

  1. Disproportionate share hospitals (DSH)
  2. Children’s hospitals
  3. Critical access hospitals
  4. Free standing cancer hospitals
  5. Sole Community Hospitals
  6. Ryan White Clinics
  7. State-operated AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP)
  8. Black lung clinics
  9. Comprehensive hemophilia diagnostic treatment centers
  10. Native Hawaiian Health Centers
  11. Urban Indian organizations

For DSH hospitals, you do need to meet the minimum level of 11.75% DSH percent. I’ll need to create a separate article to thoroughly cover what goes into this number (hmm, I might have to do that next), but it is roughly a combination of Medicare with supplemental social security over total medicare days and Medicaid (non Medicare) over total patient days. If this sounds confusing, well . . .

If you are one of the entities above, you can find the forms you need to register at the OPA 340B forms site.