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The Four Keys to 340B Contract Pharmacy Compliance

I feel like I am beating a dead horse here, but experience is the best teacher and a lot of recent experience at various covered entity sites tells me the horse can take it! (it is dead after all) If you currently have or are considering 340B contract pharmacy or in-house pharmacy, then please read […]

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340B GPO Comliance Risk Points

GPO Compliance change is in full effect on April 7th! The new GPO compliance clarification from HRSA has caused quite a stir among DSH, PED, and CAN 340B hospitals. I have a feeling this will not be the last 340B program clarification from HRSA we will see this year. The more and more we get […]

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340B Contract Pharmacy Vendor Software

Who did we choose for our Contract Pharmacy Vendor? We have received numerous questions about who we chose for our 340B contract pharmacy vendor. To get to the point, it was American Health Care. We looked at about ten different companies that have contract pharmacy software solutions and decided to have initial conversations or demonstrations […]

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340B Contract Pharmacy

340B Contract Pharmacy – How does it work? Some recent experiences we have had regarding 340B contract pharmacy made me realize that we need to do a better job explaining contract pharmacy. We do cover it in the eBook, but I feel it is worth discussing some specifics related to the actual process. The impetus […]


340B Registration Dates and Changes

Starting on October 1st we have new 340B registration rules from the OPA New rules regarding registration for covered entities 340B entities, OP facilities, and contract pharmacies have been changed. This change begins with the October 1st submission. In the past, covered entities were able to submit 30 before the quarterly due date. Federal Register […]

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340B Charity Care Voucher Program Update

We have started our 340B charity care voucher program As a reminder, we have been looking for various ways to expand and increase charity care to patients in need of help with medications. My pharmacy resident worked on a project to create a voucher program that our hospital based clinics could use to help patients […]


340B Conference Day 2 Hospital Breakout and PVP

340B Conference PVP/Apexus website information and Hospital Breakout (The pic is of Rich and me listening to the afternoon session (about 5 pm). It was a panel of mostly lawyers) Quote from Chris Hatwig, VP of the Prime Vendor Program; “Pay careful attention, be conservative with the program [340B].” I can’t echo enough of what […]

340B Conference Day 2 Morning Session Legislative Update: Ted Slafsky (CEO SNHPA) and Mike McCaughan (Editor, The RPM Report) -Drug shortages, no legislation introduced yet (see our previous article on this issue). Some lawmakers are considering legislation on 340B exclusions, and adding the legislation to this year’s Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), it should […]


340B Conference Day 1 (Contract Pharmacy Workshop)

340B Contract Pharmacy Workshop We attended the Contract Pharmacy workshop on Wednesday and really enjoyed the diversity of presentations. I should point out I woke up at about 5 am this morning and am irritated by this fact, since I could have slept in for 2 more hours. With the time change, this is the […]

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340B Audits Are Here!

  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) mandated that GAO address questions related to the 340B program. GAO examined: (1) the extent to which covered entities generate 340B revenue, factors that affect revenue generation, and how they use the program; (2) how manufacturers’ distribution of drugs at 340B prices affects covered entities’ or […]

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